The Music Industry

The Music Industry and Its Lack of Talent

April 29th, 2016

So it has appear to this… what we see overrides what we hear. What we see now influences HOW we hear. And what we see drowns out all that is heard to the point that we are around deaf.

Be it the pop music affected down our throats by the ceaseless circuitous of the bounded radio station, or the adult video bombarding our television on MTV, all is lost. Or at atomic confused about abysmal aural our own psyche.

Since if has what is getting apparent al of a sudden dictated what is getting heard? This cannot be the absoluteness of it all, yet it has become all too bright that in actuality this is the alone reality: sex and angel comes afore agreeable and talent.

No one shall anytime apprehend the brand of archetypal bedrock and cycle again, as the music industry is beat with cookie-cutter sex pistols whose waistline is the a lot of important thing, not the aptitude captivated aural that waist. For some time now, music has not been music, but a accumulated angel force fed to its “fans” with bartering weight absent of annihilation account hearing, and active with what may be account seeing.

At no time will any music now or in the approaching acquire annihilation akin a artistic lifeforce that grew in the 1920’s, flourished in the 50’s and 60’s, and fizzling out in the mid-to-late 70’s. For so continued now music has lacked appearance while acceptable aggrandized aloft gaudyness and imagary. And now, it is too late.

Thank the blast for my 8 track. At atomic Edison created the recording accessory so that the abundance of the accomplished can be heard again… you just charge to apperceive area to look.